Let us present some of the industry's sharpest minds and top cybersecurity experts, sharing their knowledge, tools, and hands-on experience.

Alexander Andersson

Principal Forensic Investigator

Alexander is a cybersecurity expert working with incident response, threat intelligence, and red teaming. He's an expert in attacking and forensicating Microsoft-based infrastructure as well as web applications, Linux, kubernetes, and clouds. Alexander has a software development background and enjoys developing threat intel capabilities, attack tools, exploits, and advanced forensic tooling.

Anders Olsson

Infrastructure Architect & VMware vExpert

Anders is an Infrastructure Architect with more than 20 years of experience in design and implementation of IT infrastructure. He is one of only 295 people worldwide who have passed the VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) design and in-person panel defense and has also been awarded the VMware's vExpert title every year from 2016 to 2022. Anders specializes in VMware vSphere security, covering both proactive security design and hardening, and reactive incident response and forensics work.

Carlo Alberto Scola

Cybersecurity Expert

Carlo Alberto is a cybersecurity expert with a strong focus on web application security, complex network infrastructure penetration testing (Windows/Linux), as well as red teaming, and occasionally, threat hunting. Carlo helps customers defend and secure their environment by performing extensive and thorough security assessments and penetration tests. He likes to share his acquired knowledge with colleagues and as a speaker at security events.

David Lilja

Threat Hunter and Security Analyst

As a Threat Hunter, David investigates threats escalated in Truesec's SOC after discovering malicious activities in our customers' IT environments. He's also part of the CSIRT and an appreciated speaker at cyber events, sharing knowledge about how to use the right solutions for the right level of security. His true calling is to find threats and collect intelligence to protect brands and infrastructure environments.

Dongsung "Donny" Kim

Cybersecurity Specialist

Donny is a security specialist at Truesec and an independent software developer. His software interests vary widely from frontend to DevSecOps, with research interests spanning from reverse engineering to web security. Equipped with both professional and academic experiences, he wants to reconcile two seemingly opposite ideas: understanding user-facing software problems without compromising security.

Fabio Viggiani

Chief Technology Officer

Fabio leads advanced incident response missions and has extensive experience in red team assignments as well as traditional penetration tests. He also works closely with Truesec's Security Operations Center (SOC), focusing on threat hunting and detection. This provides him with strong insight into the current threat landscape and the latest attack and detection techniques.

Hasain Alshakarti

Principal Cybersecurity Advisor

Hasain, aka "The Wolf", is an industry-leading IT security expert with a focus on networks, PKI, and certificates. He's a senior IT security consultant with deep experience from numerous design projects, audits, advanced implementation projects, and penetration systems testing. Due to his expertise, he's a sought-after speaker and a popular instructor at various events worldwide.

Heresh Zaremand

Secure Infrastructure Expert

Heresh is a senior infrastructure architect focusing on networking and network security. He got a strong track record, assisting customers with security reviews, network designs, and robustness assessments to prevent breaches. Additionally, Haresh supports Truesec’s leading CSIRT team in rebuilding network infrastructure and with forensics expertise to minimize the impact of when a cyberattack hits an organization.

Jayson E. Street

Chief Chaos Officer

Jayson is described as a "notorious hacker" by FOX25 Boston, a "World Class Hacker" by National Geographic Breakthrough Series, and a "paunchy hacker" by Rolling Stone Magazine. He prefers, however, that people refer to him simply as a Hacker, Helper, and Human. He loves to explore the world and networks as much as he can. He has successfully robbed banks, hotels, government facilities, biochemical companies, etc., on five continents.

Jörgen Brandelius

Secure Infrastructure Expert

Jörgen has worked with datacenters for over fifteen years with a focus on the Microsoft Hyper-V system center virtual machine manager. He is very experienced in storage solutions and advanced networking for datacenters. Jörgen is the go-to person for hardware-related questions; he has designed and built many datacenters over the years in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and the U.S. He's also a hands-on consultant and a trusted advisor for datacenter operations.

Marcus Pettersson

Microsoft Public Cloud Expert

Marcus is an experienced technical consultant with deep expertise in the Microsoft public cloud. With many years of experience in Microsoft 365 and Azure, Marcus assists customers in reviewing existing implementations, deploying the latest security services, and building secure device management solutions. He also conducts workshops with the purpose of helping customers create a secure and modern cloud environment.

Mattias Wåhlén

Threat Intelligence Expert

Mattias is a Threat Intelligence Expert at Truesec who further develops Truesec’s Threat Intelligence capabilities for anticipating data breaches and averting threats. Mattias spent almost 35 years in the Swedish intelligence services, both at FRA and Swedish Defense, and was active for 12 years as a senior analyst in FRA’s cyber defense operations.

Mikael Nyström

Principal Technical Architect

Mikael "Deployment Bunny'' Nyström is an industry-leading expert in Microsoft infrastructure and a multiple award-winning Microsoft MVP. Mikael works primarily in systems management for clients and servers and automation. Mikael is passionate about sharing his extensive experience and knowledge in the field. Today Mikael is using all this knowledge in the Truesec CSIRT to help customers get back on track after incidents.

Mikkel Ole Rømer

Cybersecurity Expert

Mikkel is an experienced cybersecurity expert engaged in offensive cybersecurity for breach prevention, including penetration testing and adversary emulation within highly complex infrastructures of the largest national and international companies. Besides that, Mikkel runs security analysis exercises for enterprise applications within secure development. He has a background in enterprise software engineering, architecture, and system integration.

Niklas Keijser

Threat Intelligence Research Analyst

Nicklas is a Threat Research Analyst, a role that involves much reverse engineering and looking into all things malware. Nicklas is also a subject matter expert in industrial control systems and anything related to its security. He started his career programming PLCs, SCADA systems, and almost anything else possible within the industry. Before joining Truesec, Nicklas worked at the Swedish National CERT in the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency.

Peter Löfgren

Senior Technical Architect

Peter is a trusted advisor in the U.S. and Sweden and an appreciated speaker. He's got a passion for innovation and cutting-edge technology. With more than ten years of experience in Windows and Microsoft technology, he helps customers create new client platforms and build and maintain long-term production solutions.

Rasmus Grönlund

Principal Forensic Investigator

Rasmus is a cybersecurity expert focusing on security for an organization’s central IT infrastructure and one of Truesecs’ lead forensic investigators in the CSIRT. Possessing deep insight into the threat landscape, techniques, and threat actors' behaviors, Rasmus is a highly valued contributor to the cyber community, frequently sharing his knowledge as a top-rated speaker and presenter.

Sebastian Olsson

Technical Director of Development

Sebastian is Technical Lead of the Application Security/Secure Development team. His greatest passion is taking on projects where security is a core requirement, especially if it includes working on cryptography, secure communications, identities, and distributed systems. He often analyzes the security of software architecture and development life cycles and spends much of his time developing and auditing security critical code.

Viktor Hedberg

Infrastructure Expert & Microsoft MVP

Viktor is a cybersecurity expert and a Microsoft MVP (most valued professional) with a background in IT operations, and Identity and Access Management. Possessing in-depth knowledge in securing Microsoft-based environments and forensicating Microsoft cloud services makes him a valuable asset in our infrastructure, incident response, and blue teams. Additionally, Viktor is passionate about cutting-edge technologies, defensive and attack tools, and contributing to communities worldwide.

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Viktor Hedberg

Viktor is a cybersecurity expert and a Microsoft MVP with a background in IT operations, and Identity and Access Management. Possessing in-depth knowledge in securing Microsoft-based environments and forensicating Microsoft cloud services makes him a valuable asset in our infrastructure, incident response, and blue teams. Additionally, Viktor is passionate about cutting-edge technologies, defensive and attack tools, and contributing to communities worldwide.